Feb 4-6, 2019 | Miami, FL

  • 6:00 PM

    Welcome Reception


At Deluxe Exchange 2019, you’ll glean wisdom and insights from global visionaries, access targeted sessions that address your most pressing pain points, form significant connections with financial industry peers and experience new product demos that will impact the way you approach business.


Customize your Deluxe Exchange experience with fresh, relevant, fast-paced breakout sessions tailored to address your specific sector. Each breakout will feature leading-edge speakers, innovation-rich content, critical discussions, idea exchange and solutions to help your team focus on what matters most now, and into the future.


From hot topics to the hottest solutions, join a User Roundtable for a deep dive into Deluxe products. Talk with developers and engineers as you access a full reveal on the latest versions and releases. Step-by-step, our experts will walk you through key features and updates so you know exactly how they will benefit you.


Have an issue or challenge? Solution Studio is a dynamic space where innovation flows freely as you experience the tech and tools that are transforming the financial services marketplace today. Deluxe experts are on-hand and offer sessions by appointment so you can ask specific questions that address your most pressing issues.

Content Themes

At DX19, you’ll spend nearly two full days immersed in engaging, thought-provoking, innovation-rich content. We’ve built out content tracks and themes that are based on feedback from past attendees, conversations with our customers, and insights gained from our analyst partners. We’ll be updating the site regularly with new speakers and topics as they are secured, so stop back regularly to see how the agenda is shaping up. In the meantime, here are some of the tracks and themes we are working toward:

Data-Driven Marketing

Deluxe Exchange is focused on equipping marketers in the financial services industry with the knowledge and support needed to drive data-centricity in their organization. Data is the most important driver of marketing success in the industry today, and our event will focus on helping marketers use data to impact all aspects of their marketing. We are actively looking at speakers on the following topics:

  • State of data-driven marketing
  • Measurement & attribution
  • Applications for AI and machine learning
  • Challenges in capturing deposits
  • Marketing in a post-refi market

Technology & Innovation

Technology is impacting all aspects of banking, there isn’t a role in the banking organization that won’t need to stay on top of the latest trends. Our team is focused on bringing in some of the top names in the industry to share about the trends in bank innovation and technology, including: AI & natural language processing, open banking & APIs, and cloud computing & cyber security.

Treasury Management

Industry trends, such as customer experience and AI, remain top of mind. Their constant evolution continues to impact financial institutions and corporations at every level. Executives, operational professionals, and product managers must move beyond the Internet of Things and transition to an Internet of Thinking. Deluxe is searching for experts with new perspectives on the topmost topics in today’s industry, including:

  • Artificial intelligence and future technologies
  • The customer experience and the digital journey
  • Working capital management and transformational growth
  • The future of the payments industry, and so much more

Digital Engagement

Consumer expectations are impacted by experiences in every industry. While you don’t compete with Uber and Starbucks, their customer experience impacts expectations for your business. Deluxe Exchange is focused on helping your institution stay on top of the latest digital trends so you can deliver the kind of experiences your customers expect. Here are some of the topics we plan to address this year:

  • Customer engagement
  • Digital lending
  • Effects of personalization and gamification on CX
  • AI-assisted technology & chatbots

Leadership Development

As a leader in your organization, it’s important to gain knowledge that helps you to make the right decisions that impact how the business operates. As a result, you cannot overlook your own development and risk not growing as a leader. This year, Deluxe Exchange plans to have sessions on women in leadership roles, having a growth mindset, and building a strong culture in your organization to help our attendees grow as leaders.

Check and Fraud

One minute “checks are dead,” the next they are outperforming expectations. One thing is clear: Your check program shouldn’t be on auto pilot! Deluxe is focused on delivering the best experience for your customers and delivering some of the best content to help you keep your check program as a revenue driver. We’re working on sessions that cover the important topics below:

  • Branch of the future
  • Payments
  • ID theft & account takeover
  • Channel shift