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Diversity and Inclusion in Customer Acquisition Strategies

Feb 8, 2022 2:45 pm

Track: Cloud

In 2022, the time is right to tackle one of our biggest social and economic challenges: financial inclusion. Nearly 50 million Americans are credit invisible and unscorable, typically left behind by conventional credit scores and the traditional credit system. How can lenders and marketers find and reach this underserved market to accelerate inclusive growth in the communities we serve?

We need a paradigm shift to innovate the credit approach specifically for populations that need economic inclusion. This involves marketing initiatives that enable access, products that suit specific needs, digital adoption that reduces costs and smarter data tactics that do a better job at identifying creditworthy customers.

Join us for an interactive session where we will discuss:

• Approaches to financial inclusion for lenders and marketers
• Additional data sources to find and reach the underserved
• Practical examples that you can leverage in 2022