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Living Life in the Treasury Fast Lane

Feb 5, 2019 1:00 pm

Track: Treasury Management

Today’s business have more choices than ever before. When they select your organization, you want to keep them as clients for the long haul. That requires a new and different level of connectivity and intimacy – especially in the first year of the relationship. To help create that deeper level of connection, many banks have turned to Onboarding.  Some have invested in automation technologies that promise to mitigate the costly issues that delay go-live dates and erode customer satisfaction. But technology is only half the answer. A great process involves people, too.  Join Jack Hubbard for an energetic synthesis of the latest industry research and practical advice about what to consider before your bank merges into the fast lane with automated onboarding systems. Discover why a strategy that’s equal parts technology and cultural transformation within the bank is key to maximizing your ROO (Return On Onboarding).