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Marketing 2.0: Adding Data Into Your Marketing Recipe

Feb 5, 2019 2:00 pm

Track: Data-Driven Marketing

To the outside world, marketing looks easy. It’s our job to make it look that way. But we all know that there are many variables and processes that go into every marketing activity. Much like baking a cake, these variables can have a dramatic effect on the final outcome. Each ingredient, along with the amount and even the order they are added, can affect whether the cake (or marketing program) is a success.

Marketing success is measured through a variety of metrics and KPIs that demonstrate the achievement of goals throughout the process. That process involves experimentation and optimization to maximize the performance of the marketing activity. Optimizing a marketing strategy implies several treatments or iterations and it takes more time than we may imagine in this fast-paced technological environment.

To help you build the right recipe for your marketing team, this session will break down these issues and help you develop the strategy to funnel the collective efforts needed for successful campaigns:

  1.  “The Cake Metaphor”
  2. Data is the first ingredient to consider
  3. Iterations: It’s rarely GREAT the first time
  4. Experimental marketing: Demystifying the definition of “optimization”
  5. Educating the team