Examining the Benefits of Shifting Customers to Self-Serve Ordering Channels

Feb 6, 2019 10:45 am

Track: Check & Fraud

Consumers are changing their ways. While its been slower to affect some aspects of banking, Deluxe has found that offering an opportunity to shift the check ordering process, for consumers and businesses, to digital channels is very appealing to consumers and very beneficial to their financial institution.

Last year, Deluxe rolled out its Channel Shift Plus program to its check customers. Kendra Sutton, from United Bank, joined Deluxe on stage as an early adopter, to share about this program and how they planned to work with Deluxe to move their customers into a self-service ordering environment. This year she returns, along with Chris Powell from Citizens Bank, to share about the program from their two unique viewpoints. One program has been in place for over a year while the other will kick off in 2019. Together they’ll share how Deluxe will help them improve check program earnings, reduce the time and resources committed to processing orders, and improve the customer experience.