Analyze & Grow

Crush the Competition with Trigger Marketing

What happens when customers receive a highly relevant message, exactly when they need it most? You elevate your brand and increase your conversion rate. Omni-channel trigger marketing programs are your secret weapon in the fight to get to market first – and beat your competitors. In this session, we’ll cover trigger marketing best practices; you’ll walk away equipped to deliver hyper-targeted, cross-channel campaigns that slash your cost per conversion and boost your revenue.

Inside Look: Lending Market Trends and Loan Marketing Strategies

While the interest rate environment continues to be turbulent, one thing is for sure—consumers still need access to money. In this session, we’ll dive deep into market trends and loan marketing, and address topics like how to find potential purchase leads as refis drop, the role of alternative data in serving the underbanked, and managing credit default risks. You’ll learn how to win over customers by pursuing faster, more efficient loan marketing practices.

Strategies to Grow (Even When Your Marketing Budget Doesn’t)

Data is available in abundance. Of course, having the systems and technology in place to turn this information into meaningful advertising and marketing initiatives is another story. How can you connect your data and core business strategies to make better-informed decisions and reduce risks? In this session, we will explore how B2B and B2C marketers can employ data-centric marketing to make smart use of your current data and deliver maximum, measurable results.

Standing Out in the Competitive Deposit Acquisition Landscape

The battle for deposits is more intense than ever thanks to digital channels that allow virtually any bank to sell in your market. In this session, you’ll find out how to gain a foothold—and a leg up—in this arena by deploying cutting-edge strategies like trigger marketing for consumer and business account acquisition. You’ll also discover the most important traits of high-performing customer onboarding programs and learn how deposits can increase your customer lifetime value.

Digital and Direct Mail Marketing: Better Together

While digital marketing evangelists may not readily admit it, direct mail still deserves a seat at the table as part of a cohesive marketing program. Holding rank as the original direct marketing tactic, direct mail has withstood the test of time, boasting stronger open rates and response rates than digital channels. In this session, you’ll learn how to amplify ROI by integrating physical and digital strategies which, when powered by data analytics, can deliver uniquely powerful results.

Annual Outlook: 2023 Consumer Lending Forecast

What does the future hold for consumer lending amidst rising interest rates and persistent inflation? This special forecast session will explore the rapidly evolving market for consumer lending across auto, home, student and personal loans. Find out which financial products are most in demand by consumers and learn where high-touch services are still your best strategy. Be prepared to capitalize on big opportunities to achieve measurable success in 2023.

Annual Outlook: 2023 Mortgage Lending Forecast

Change is the only constant in the mortgage lending space, and 2022 was no exception. Interest rates shot up, refi demand cooled down, and the tight housing market caused some buyers to throw cash (and elbows) to nab properties, while others had to sit on the sidelines, priced out of the process. So now what? In this forecast session, we’ll explore the competing forces impacting the mortgage industry in 2023, sharing informed predictions on everything from interest and origination rates to inventory and home values.

A Game Plan to Drive Growth in Low-to Moderate-Income Areas

For the first time since 2008, many low- to moderate-income (LMI) areas have seen an increase in homeowner equity. Should banks look at this moment in time as an opportunity to avoid CRA penalties and increase their performance ratings, or is there potential for more? In this session, we’ll talk about how LMI areas could fill the void left by a dried-up refi market. We’ll also discuss real ways banks can help LMI homeowners use their property as a tool for long-term financial security and wealth management.

How to Unpack the Most Value from New Mover Data

New homeowners spend more within the first six months of moving than an average consumer spends in three years. Plus, they’re loyal: new movers are five times more likely to become long-term customers if you reach them before your competition does. This audience segment presents a huge opportunity, but what’s the best way to reach them? In this session, you’ll learn how to focus on the right data and use trigger marketing to nurture these new relationships at just the right moments.

The Rising Importance of Tailoring to Industries in Treasury Management

Treasury management is no longer a one-size-fits-all offering. Financial institutions can drive and realize measurable benefits by tailoring their management approach to their clients’ specific needs based on industry. But how does your financial institution identify these new targets, onboard them, and generate revenue? In this session, you’ll learn the best practices for consideration in developing an industry-vertical treasury management strategy.

Top Priorities for Financial Institutions in 2023

Is your financial institution on-track to adapt to – and leverage – what’s to come in 2023? Join this session to hear analysts from Aite-Novarica Group share emerging industry trends that may affect payment processes and their alignment with the essential areas banks plan to invest in — from payments modernization and fintech investments to data analytics and the replacement of cash management platforms. The market is evolving quickly; be flexibly prepared to create enhanced value for your clients.

Opportunities to Bank on Within Treasury Onboarding

Analysts are seeing major issues arise in treasury management, thanks to a savvy customer base, heavy fintech competition, and digital transformation accelerated by a worldwide pandemic. In this session, Aite-Novarica Group will share survey results of the top 120 banks that reveal where the banking industry needs to focus their treasury onboarding efforts to increase automation and efficiency, and provide customers with faster, more transparent access to the products and services they need.


Pay & Get Paid

How to Smooth the Transition During a Merger or Acquisition

Strategic M&A deals can generate efficiencies, expand offerings, and provide customers with enhanced service. But before those benefits are realized, there’s a necessary integration process which can be complicated, stressful, and sometimes, problematic. Join this session to learn proven methods to streamline the M&A process, creating a seamless transition that reassures current customers while attracting new ones.

Running a Best-in-Class Check Program

Paper checks are a legacy payment tool that have been used by businesses and consumers for more than 100 years. Despite the explosive growth of digital payments, checks continue to remain an integral part of the overall U.S. payments mix, and they play an important role in your financial institution’s portfolio, too. In this session, you’ll learn best practices to optimize your check program – and revenue – through strategic partnerships that capitalize on this tested, trusted segment of your payments ecosystem.

Unlocking the Power of Payment Networks

It’s the ultimate win-win. Businesses that embrace digital payment capabilities can enjoy an improved payee experience, shorter payment cycle times, accelerated settlement, increased cash flow, and reduced fraud. In turn, payment networks can drive growth, revenue, and increased customer retention for financial institutions. In this discussion, a panel of experts from financial institutions that have successfully implemented digital payment capabilities will reveal how to unlock the real power of a payments network in the AP and AR spaces.

Boosting Efficiency Through Automation in Payment Channels

In today’s treasury environments, data and forecasting have emerged as two pivotal tools to promote payment efficiencies in both AP and AR departments. However, the sheer volume of data and the corresponding demand for analysis have both exploded, making it a challenge for enterprises and financial institutions to keep up. In this session, Strategic Treasurer’s Craig Jeffery will share insights from industry-leading data to uncover how to sharpen your decision making and forecasting practices.

How to Launch an Automated AR Strategy

Over the past year, accounts receivable teams have seen tremendous turbulence as inflation has impacted cashflow. Automation can help AR teams stay agile and dynamic amidst ongoing disruption, but systems and process changes can be daunting. How can AR teams bravely face into automation implementation? Featuring a panel discussion, this session will identify how to create a standard, repeatable process, and leverage your team’s current tools to launch an efficient AR strategy.

How Financial Institutions Can Attract and Retain Government Clients to Increase Revenue

When financial institutions expand their offerings to support and retain existing government clients and win new government business, they access proven, measurable benefits, including increased revenue. But how do you implement government-focused initiatives? In this session, you’ll hear exactly what your government customers need, why it’s important to broaden traditional banking support, and best methods to approach and act on these targeted changes within your own financial institution.

Corporate Treasury Management: Success Starts Here

As a corporate payments executive, there are many worries that can keep you up at night, from cash and liquidity to evolving technology and risk management. But what are the most important issues to focus on now and what preventative actions can you take to avoid future tossing and turning? In this session, a panel of corporate treasury management executives will discuss the current challenges they are experiencing, what solutions are working, and the payment goals they aim to achieve in 2023.


Strengthen & Retain

Serving Your Small Business Customers of Today, While Preparing for the Owners of Tomorrow

Over the last two years, small business owners had to deal with the personal and business reality of the pandemic, rising inflation and The Great Resignation. Despite all this, small business owners are optimistic for the future of their own companies. Today, small businesses are back to defining a new “business as usual.” Learn what small businesses are looking for in terms of service today and how that may change as new, younger owners come into the space in the future.


Lead & Develop

Introducing Deluxe Data Discovery (D3): The Importance of Audience Building for Marketers

Identifying the proper audience to achieve marketing objectives requires accurate, actionable data. Data depth, indicating accuracy, and breadth, providing context for actionability, require data content, technology and tools that support scale and speed. Learn why Deluxe Data Discovery is foundational to DDM’s ability to support our clients’ need to identify and engage the right audiences.

Reclaim Lost SMB Revenue in 2023 Through SaaS

How does your financial institution compete with vertical SaaS providers? It starts with offering fintech products that meet the needs of small and medium-size business (SMB) customers. Join this session for an in-depth look at what industry-leading SaaS providers are offering to empower SMBs nationwide. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of how to position your financial institution as a relevant, vital partner for your commercial account holders, and how to realize a substantial revenue lift based on the sheer volume of business flowing through your FI’s SaaS solutions.

A Conversation with Yogaraj (Yogs) Jayaprakasam, Chief Technology and Digital Officer, Deluxe

Join Deluxe’s Yogaraj (Yogs) Jayaprakasam, as he delivers a session providing insight on how Deluxe is unlocking what’s next with our technology and platform initiatives.

A Conversation with Jean Herrick, Chief Human Resources Officer, Deluxe

Join Deluxe’s Jean Herrick, as she delivers an insightful session on leadership in the workplace.


Innovate & Accelerate

The Winning Playbook: How to Compete With – and Defeat – Fintechs

It takes more than an ACH scrub to get a leg up on fintechs. It requires smart data analysis to uncover hidden opportunities, followed by an account-based marketing strategy to claim the business. In this powerful discussion, our panel experts will address how to identify high-value commercial demand deposit account holders, expose the weaknesses of their merchant services providers, and pinpoint the data that will move the relationship needle back to you. Learn how to outmaneuver and outsell fintechs for the win.

Payment Digitization Trends, Dynamics, and Solutions You Need to Know

As paper checks continue to hold their own in the payments landscape, businesses and financial institutions alike are working to add new technologies and capabilities into existing, legacy payments. In this fireside chat with Deluxe Payments Division President Michael Reed and Senior Vice President of Checks Division Tracy Engelhardt, you’ll gain insight to the top B2B payment trends in 2023. Hear the latest on check, lockbox, and Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), along with common roadblocks to technical integrations, and smart solutions that will optimize outcomes.

Everything Banks Need to Know About Crypto

As the crypto revolution marches on, one big question looms: how can the traditional banking industry fit into – and profit from – the world of cryptocurrency? In this session, we’ll discuss all things crypto, including how it works, the pros and cons, the latest legislation, and the most pressing digital currency topics banks should consider. We’ll explore the blockchain infrastructure, the bank lobby for crypto regulation, and how that runs counter to the very nature of a decentralized system. You’ll also learn about the most current stablecoin bills being considered by Congress, and the stances taken by banks and processors.