Amanda Brinkman, Ty Pennington, and Cristina Jones





Deluxe champions businesses both big and small so communities can thrive. The Small Business Revolution, Deluxe’s docuseries and movement, is all about helping small businesses across the country grow and thrive. The hosts of the series, Amanda Brinkman, Chief Brand and Content Officer at Deluxe, and Ty Pennington will join Cristina Jones, Senior Vice President of Customer Marketing, Brand Partnerships & C-Suite Engagement at Salesforce. Guided by her belief that when people and communities thrive, your business thrives, too, Cristina has used new media and technology to unlock and elevate C-Suite and brands’ voices in areas that matter to them, helping to end the inauthenticity that troubles brands today.

By launching Salesforce’s “Make Change” series, she has showcased action leaders whose stories reflect Salesforce’s core values in action, with the goal of inspiring others to embark on their own trailblazer journeys. Amanda, Ty, and Cristina will take the stage at Deluxe Exchange to share how companies can make a meaningful and positive difference in people’s lives while increasing their own success in the process.