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Gavan Murphy

Chef, Sunday Provisions

Chef Gavan Murphy is the Healthy Irishman when it comes to simple healthy and tasteful home cooking. Hailing from the Emerald Isle and widely known as “The Healthy Irishman,” Gavan was among the most popular and respected personal chefs in Los Angeles working for celebrities and sports stars. Now residing in Las Vegas he hopes his passion for clean eating, his advocacy of organics and his earthy personality inspires everyone to believe they can lead a healthier life without giving up great taste.

After 2 decades of creating the best food for the world’s top health conscious celebrities and sports stars, Chef Gavan Murphy has created a line of Artisanal Pecan Butters called Sunday Provisions so everyone can enjoy clean, delicious food. You can find out more about Gavan and Sunday Provisions at SundayProvisions.com