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Josh Turnbull

Vice President, TransUnion

Josh Turnbull’s passion for consumer financial services was accidental. A part-time job as a bank teller in high school sparked questions on why people of similar backgrounds could have such different financial outcomes, and drove curiosity into financial services delivery. Fast forward 25-ish years and Turnbull is responsible for a business ensuring 5,000 banks and credit unions are able to evolve and serve consumers well through the daily decisions they make using data and analytics.

Between then and now, Turnbull launched a consulting practice at the preeminent think tank focused on consumer financial inclusion and health, designed to help the most recognizable brands and other innovators execute strategies to serve consumers profitably and well. He held leadership positions in a business focused on consumer risk management at the world’s largest baking technology provider, and cut his teeth through operational and risk management roles at a major regional bank.

When not focused on financial services, Turnbull is an inveterate traveler and eater, having indulged his taste buds and lurked in markets across five continents. He is also involved in several nonprofit organizations, focused on youth, global understanding, social justice, and is on the board of directors for Mishkan Chicago.