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Mark Swanson

Financial Performance Strategist, Deluxe

Mark helps community financial institutions (FIs) identify and act upon opportunities to optimize their performance by building and empowering a performance banking culture that transforms all levels of the FI.   He has a deep understanding of Banking from starting as a Management Associate with First Atlanta Bank in 1988 to Senior Lender and Acting President and CEO of Northside Bank.  It was during his time at Northside Bank that his knowledge would be put to the test, helping to guide the young bank from near failure through the Great Recession.  He attributes the accomplishment of the difficult and seemingly impossible task to transforming the culture of the bank – and a lot of prayer!

Mark was often heard telling the regulators that running a community bank in that environment was like backing a semi into a shoebox while wearing a blindfold and a straight jacket!  But he guided the bank from a 2.25% NIM to a 4.18% NIM in 5 years which led to the bank’s first ever profitable month and profitable year!  That allowed the bank to raise capital and eventually merge with two other banks.  He credits the change in the culture of the bank along with the tools used to see his bank survive and thrive while 100 of his other bank competitors failed during this time (Georgia had the most bank failures of any state during the Great Recession).

Since joining Banker’s Dashboard in 2021, Mark has met with countless bankers where he finds the most successful banks are the ones that have broken the complacency bonds.  He often touts the benefits of the Banker’s Dashboard performance management solution to help facilitate cultural changes that lead to growth and greater profitability.  Furthermore, he highlights the Banker’s Dashboard 30 quarter track record of success of their clients’ banks outperforming other banks NIM by over 30bps.

Mark holds a bachelor’s degree in Internal Audit from Berry College and completed the Graduate School of Banking at Louisiana State University.  Mark lives outside of Atlanta with his wife while his son is a Senior in College.  He dreams someday of selling everything, buying a camper, and traveling to all the National and State Parks the country has to offer.