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Sam Golbach

Director of Product Management, Deluxe

As the senior vice president of solution management, Sam is responsible for the Integrated Receivables Solutions Suite at Deluxe. Prior to leading the Integrated Receivables Solution Suite, Golbach was the senior product manager for Deluxe’s strategic integrated receivables and remote deposit capture products. He has also served Deluxe in many other roles, including implementation specialist, technical advisor, project manager, regional account manager, sales executive and senior product manager. Golbach gained his in-depth industry knowledge and experience by managing and delivering technology advancements to Fortune 500 companies and the top 50 financial institutions. Currently, Golbach serves as the treasurer for the board of directors for the Wisconsin Automated Clearing House, WACHA, a regional ACH payment association focused on industry education on compliance, advisory services and risk management. He is respected as an industry leader and is a frequent speaker at national conferences across the industry covering topics for financial services, receivables management and electronic payments. Golbach holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in finance and economics from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire.